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Ship your less urgent packages anywhere in India through AIREX. Your documents or parcels will be carefully packed, comfortably shipped to arrive on time at their destination. AIREX’s ELU is an ideal solution for cost-effective delivery for your business to keep running, where Airex provides you with the agile logistics and you can concentrate on your core business.

A pre-designed module of operations is put in place to help you reach every corner of our country, in a time span 3-4 days which keeps the money cycle short and your product in the market available as per the demand.

Cost cutting is the most important part of every business, but who said you have to wait to reduce your logistics cost?

AIREX’s unmatched modes of the transportation network, incomparable range, and a strong technology ensure that every customer gets an Integrated, Flawless and cost effective solution.

AIREX’s Express Surface service offers a complete range of express distribution which helps us to deliver your package in short span of 48 hours be it any location in India. AIREX provides the outright scope of express surface distribution service that gives you the resilience to choose as per your business requirement.

Airex designs a solution for your requirement keeping the low budget as the priority, where the goods are moved as fast as Air freight yet the costing is as low as the surface.

Make us your logistics partner and see how your efficiency is enhanced.

Timing is everything when you are aiming for the best. Let the experts help you be the best.

Airex time bonded service is the key to avoid unwanted expenditure, we pick your shipments as soon as they are ready to hit the road avoiding the hassle of storage and move with the time making sure it gets to the destination as and when required.

Time bonded service is the ultimate supply chain solution for cutting the overheads, where the shipments are in transit at the lowest logistics cost and yet ready to hit your market as and when required.

All it takes is just one phone call! From there AIREX takes personal responsibility for the secure and timely delivery of your shipments.

We provide tailor-made solutions for greater resilience and integrity; 24×7/365.

AIREX ensure your products are handled properly from packed to specification and meeting all pertinent hygiene standards. AIREX will keep your shipment at its right temperature regardless of what kind of items you have, be it the transportation of perishable food products, temperature critical chemicals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), as long as it needs to be temperature-controlled, AIREX has got your back.

AIREX can deliver the most temperature controlled inventories, without compromising on quality. With us; your goods are is in good hands while assuring timely and cost-effective service to all our valued partners.

AIREX team consults your requirements, develop a tailor made operation and delivers the best in class supply chain solution to meet the need of your businesses. When Airex takes care of your logistics you get more free time to take care of your production cycle.

When it is about Precious metal to Precious stones, security bonds to highly classified documents, what makes is security and safely.

Airex wealth of Knowledge, prominence, and adherence provides State of Art security and safety guidelines, leaving no stones unturned to make sure that every part of your Precious goods is taken utmost personal care.

Airex knows that when it is about jewelry, diamonds and property documents, it is not just the monetary value but the emotions which make them so important, hence Airex live tracking will make sure you never lose a sight of valuables.

Airex Precious Cargo service goes above and beyond the normal operations working right from the safe collection, handling, transportation, storage to delivery of your valuable goods. A Door to Door service which provides safety to your goods and peace to you.

Every business let it be a startup or a small enterprise has a point to grow in their target list.

Airex provides an end to end solutions with a zeal to help you spread your wings faster and wider in the biggest market in the world. No matter which town or city you start your business in Airex connects you to every available market in India.

Be it manufacturing company, aggregative, printing, human resources, IT or any small scale enterprises, Airex provides a solution based working where you can concentrate on your core business and let us take care of your logistics which can be viewed at a single click. Reducing you costing to support your bottom line in a fashion where the numbers are added to your revenue is the sole aim of our Small Business Solutions unit.

Our team of experts will understand your vision and mission, business module and help you find the best supply chain solution in your presence where everything is in your control yet you are free to concentrate on your core competency of working and we work on ours.

Procurement, storage, inventory management, facility management, distribution, reverse logistics and asset protection. Name it and Airex makes sure you get every support on your doorstep.

AIREX also encourages its clients to be partners with them so as to help and eventually develop your business in this competitive market, with Airex your business gets wings to explore every market our diversified country offers. We believe in working smarter as well as harder and with our esteemed partner’s coagulation, it’s even easier.

No city/town is out of your reach when Airex is your supply chain solution provider.

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