E-commerce is helping the consumers and sellers enjoy the benefits of comfortable shopping while reducing stress, where most of the retailers are opting for the web-based portals. What stands the basis of this industry is the Supply chain management.

Airex have started a whole new department to help serve this industry with the best in class logistics solutions, where quality is the key and customer service is the soul of working

Airex E-Commerce


Dealing in cash is a major concern for every organization, why not simplify this in a fashion where the security of goods and money cycle is protected and rotated back to you in a classified fashion.

Airex provides cash on delivery and card on delivery options where your customers can opt for either of them while collecting their parcels. This collection is transferred directly to your bank accounts to reduce the money rotation cycle. Making sure you float on good waters.

 Your customers are our priority and we respect their values.

Right from the point of order generation delivery of products to the customer, Airex provides a blank solution. Backed with one of the largest fulfillment facilities of its kind in India, Airex pronounces the solution to its core. With our supply chain background and service oriented approach along with a wide network spread across the country we offer unmatched presence and reach. Having its facility presence in every corner of India, we not only offer faster fulfillment to our partners with zero miss-shipping or loss but also a closer presence to valued consumers. Which backed by our in-house transportation and express delivery network, helps consumers experience a seamless order booking to delivery experience.

 Airex provides a seamless approach to your problem of storage of products across the length and breadth of our country. Where the essence of e-commerce industry lies in being closer to their customers. Airex provides the very same thing by keeping your products as close to your customers as 48hrs, having its various stocking units and facility centers strategically placed in locations where transporting them to its consumer is a cake walk over the hurdles of lengthy timelines of delivery expectations

Never lose a single product of your due to the high inflow and outflow of material, orders and delivery management. With the best inventory management centers in major parts of the country have the total accountable count of each and every product of your at your fingertips.

Airex provides a detailed inventory management operation where every product of yours in tracked from the time of arrival to the time of final consumption. Orders to return shipment and re-ordering Airex gives a count of all.

AIREX end-to-end service is a supply chain process flow from Manufacturing, Warehousing, Inventory Management, Facility Management, Last Mile delivery to Return Pickup.

AIREX’s e-commerce end-to-end solution provides a more efficient and effective way to enhance your productivity. It provides services for collecting goods from the manufacturers to the last mile delivery and if needed pick up of return packages.

Where you concentrate on your order numbers we concentrate on delivery percentage, reducing the cost per shipment, avoiding the unnecessary logistics and movement of shipments to reducing the timeline of shipment delivery once the order is received.

We all agree that everyone is eager to receive their product as soon as the order is placed, Airex makes sure your customers need not wait we bring them smiles in form of a quick delivery.

 Airex makes sure your merchandise is safely stored in our warehouses and also takes care of product delivery and its management when in transit. AIREX offers first mile and last mile delivery through multi-modal transportation as per client’s requirements.

Nowadays packages don’t just have to be delivered to the customer as fast as possible, but also need to be shipped back to the shipper if required fairly quickly and safely.

AIREX offers fast, convenient and easy return pickup in a very specific time frame, one of the most important service benefits you can offer your customers.

Moreover, Airex receives your returned products at centralized locations, where we can refurbish, return to supplier or add back to inventory depending on your needs.

AIREX is specialized in reducing additional cost that gets charged up due to returning of package which benefits your company,

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