Moving products from manufacturing plants to warehouses, between facilities to distributors, that represents more than half of total logistics costs.

AIREX offers a complete channel of logistics solutions that can be personalized to your specific requirements. It offers cost optimization, a high level of reliability as well as safety and transparency. This enables you to deliver your merchandise to their destination in the most dynamic way attracting a very low cost.

At AIREX, our aim is to develop a partnership with both clients and vendors, in order to control cost and centralize the processes. By offering multi-modal transportation system and value-added services, clients gain end-to-end perceptibility.

Commitments are the made and honored when they are not based on a third parties strength.

AIREX is a leading its way providing solutions in the logistics industry, pledged to help its clients increase operational efficiency while reducing cost. We deliver your cargo safely, securely and on time anywhere in India thanks to its Self-owned and managed infrastructure.

AIREX has created an unbeatable network across the length and breadth of the country, with our own logistic centers spread throughout the country, self-managed, owned and operated, providing safe, reliable, economical and customized logistic solutions to our clients and partners. Our team of experts ensures that all Solutions are planned out as per our client’s requirement and are completed within the stipulated time frame given.

One to all, all to one, when you working with someone who holds the key to every territory in the country, what difference does it make?

Your business requires a professional confederate that is experienced in reverse logistics. You need a company that offers modernized services and tailor-made solutions.

AIREX is a Robust Customer Edge Logistics provider offers a CENTRALISED service providing consulting, that makes straightforward intrinsic solutions which help you forecast and manage product returns more efficiently, resulting in reduced costs and improved regulatory compliance, which is a part of doing business in today’s world and benchmarking them against best-in-class processes.

AIREX ensures the right components are delivered to the right manufacturing mark at the right time. Our solutions provide complete end-to-end supply chain management of inventories, facilities, and labor associated with the inbound flow of materials.

Our experience in providing services to manufacturers brings real value to our customers. In a swiftly changing industry, you can also be confident that our supply chain specialists will always be pursuing new ways to help you improve efficiencies, enhance resilience and drive down costs of production.

Every business house is built on a completely different idea, mission, and vision. So do their products, services, and customer approach. We at Airex work alongside varied customer’s management teams trying to understand their products, their product life cycle, kind of markets they are trying to enter and multiple in. Based on the various aspects of our customers’ requirements we develop a solution which is specific to your business house covering all that is needed.

Where right from the point of procuring raw materials to manufacturing, storage to facility management, and dispatch to delivery at the consumption point Airex builds a chain of working managing the timeline, product safety, and packaging to reduce the over costing and working over the process every day to bring it as close to perfection as possible.

Airex with its expertise and experience working with various industries develops industry-specific solutions. Where Airex customers enjoy the benefits of logistics solution which is specific for their product and their market. Airex aims at providing their customers with a never ending support to reach every nook and corner of their potential market working hand in hand with their management team, building a strategic solution which fits right in their budget covering every aspect of requirement.

Airex people working day in and out with a variety of customers developing solutions to solve practical problems, trying to achieve shorter transit times to deliver temperature controlled freight in every part of India for the following industry sectors:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer sector

Whether you need to move inventory across the city or across the country, AIREX is there for you. We develop custom delivery solutions build around your needs.

Customer enterprises have to deliver Products & Services to their end customers, directly or through their vendors, in a timely and effective manner. The area of concern for large customer based organizations like Banking, Financial services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Electronic, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Retail and Aviation Industries.

AIREX is experienced in working with customers to analyze the most cost-effective transportation models that deliver your products on time.

Be it any day of the year, any part of our Country, AIREX is there for you,

Any Time….Anywhere….

Specialized product storage and handling Warehouse management through system integration and Physical distribution is the landmark of our warehousing solution. We offer a complete & daily distribution services to all India, no matter of size / weight. WE ARE FLEXIBLE and offer “Just-In- Time” with “On-Time” distribution on basis of 24 to 48 hours delivery to customers that hold their stock in our warehouse. 3PL & Warehousing Solutions offered by AIREX are tailor-made and cater to unique needs of various customers of the industry.

In Customer Attaining Fulfillment, we provide “End to End” Solutions to Customers who outsource a “complete process” to us as against the prevailing concept of outsourcing “specific tasks” and in contrast of appointing different vendors, retaining the responsibility, controlling and coordinating with multiple vendors of distribution.

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